History Center

Phase I: Upon entering the lobby, you will be captivated by an interactive history, along with a short story, of the History of Great Christian Preachers & Ministries Center.

Your journey through the history center will commence on the first floor, with a most fascinating view of portraits in the Hall of Deacons.

On the upper floors you will be amazed by the history of ministries that will be showcased in our very own cinemas that will produce sermons, services, and autobiographies of Preachers, churches, and the different ministries from around the world.

You will be excited to see our wax presentation of many Great Christian Leaders exhibited for your pleasure to view. This is just for you to be able to see actually how they look up close.

While visiting the History Center you may catch a live sermon from one of our very own Christian leader at our Dome built to enjoy sermons and be a part of a great praise service. Have your convention at the C Complex or your conference when we complete this beautiful Ultimate Convention Site for all ministries to enjoy.

Inside the History of Great Christian Preachers & Ministries Center will be a special room for mother’s in Zion called “Mother Rose Chapel” where we will collect history, and autobiographies of the many great mothers of the church that have been in missionary work for over 20 years.

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